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creative ways to attract customers with signage

Top 8 Creative ways to Attract customers with Signage

Using creative ways to attract customers with signage can take you ahead of your competition and increase your customer base faster.

When it comes to attracting customers to your business, there are so many ways to go about it. 

However, in this article, our aim is to show you how to use your signage as a magnet that gets clients attracted to your business place and eager to do business with you. 

It doesn’t end at setting up signage for your business, you should be more concerned about the effectiveness of your business signage.

The truth is that; your signage plays a significant role in how the public perceives your business and this can affect the quantity and quality of customers you can attract.

If you’d like to learn how to change things for your business, then you may find this very useful. Read on as we show you what makes signage effective.

What makes signage effective and attractive?

Sincerely, there’s no secret mixture or formula when it comes to creating an attractive and super effective signage. 

However, there are boxes that must be checked if you intend to create a successful signage that can attract customers. Check them out below:

1. Define your unique selling point

This will require you to discover the purpose of your business (i.e what you exist to do).

By defining your purpose, you get to know how you are different from others in the same market or niche as you.

Understanding your unique selling point will set you apart from the rest and guide your signage decisions. 

While you do this, you’ll have to clarify:

  • The problems you solve for your customers.
  • How your solution is different and better from others.
  • What is your overall goal?
  • Your values – What your business stands for.

2.  Pick your unique colour scheme 

Research around colour psychology has shown that colours can impact people’s perception and cause different reactions.

Harnessing this knowledge of colour psychology, you can pick a colour scheme or shade for your business that can elicit the kind of emotional connection you wish to create.

If you want a vintage feel, a luxury feel, a childish feel or an authoritative feel for your business, you can actually evoke such through your colour scheme and combination.

3. Choose a clear font 

Any beautiful signage that cannot pass on the message to your viewers is as good as useless. Therefore, you have to choose a font and a font size that is legible and easy to read.

When choosing a font and a font size, you should also consider your brand personality and the emotions you wish to evoke.

4. Create a memorable slogan from your USP

With a memorable slogan, you can make your brand easy to identify and remember.

For example, when you see “Just do it”, you think of “Nike” and when you see “Apple” you remember “think different”.

Making a slogan that is both relatable and memorable for your business signage, will increase its effectiveness.

5. Choose a brand Logo

If you see a business that has a consistent logo, you can easily identify the business without necessarily seeing the business name.

For example, if you walk into a shop, and you see a product with the “Apple” logo on it, you can automatically tell that the product was made by Apple right?

Now that we’ve checked the right boxes, it’s time to show you some Creative ways to attract customers with signage.

Top 8 Creative ways to Attract customers with Signage

Here are some actionable and creative ways to attract customers with your business Signage.

1. Put your Sign in a high traffic location

If you place your signage in locations where there is high foot traffic, it becomes easier to make the sign successful.

However, it’s not just enough to place your sign in a location where there’s high foot traffic, you must also position your signage in a way that it attracts people’s attention.

To do this, you should pick a spot where people can easily see your signage, and is also close to your shop.

You can do this with your outdoor signs and even with your storefront signage if your shop is located in a populated area.

2. Make your information memorable

We don’t just people to see your business signage, we also want them to remember it because this will increase your chances of turning this foot traffic into customers.

Therefore, you’ll need to make the information on your signage memorable by keeping the information short, easy to read and helpful to your target customers. 

Don’t also forget to include; 

  • Your store name.
  • The important details of your business (location, phone number etc.).
  • What you sell.
  • A unique information like a highlighted product or sales promotion to attract people into your store.

3. Use compelling visuals

In design, they say; “less is more”. This could be true for your signage too. 

You don’t want to over crowd your signage with useless information or too much designs/decor.

This can be overwhelming and distracting to people and it destroys the entire aim of having a signage in the first place.

Make your signage visuals to be attractive, informative and compelling by utilising a minimalist design.

The major aim is to focus people’s attention on the information and not the design.

4. Use your Signage to make people laugh

One of the strongest emotions you can evoke and utilise for your business good is humour.

Mixing humour into your signage, will make people laugh and increase your chances of turning them into customers.

You can do this by making use of a relatable fictional character, infusing funny social trends, applying poetry and music or using famous elements of humour.

This will help you stand out, attract more fans and if the joke is good enough,  chances are that you’ll go viral.

5. Make use of intrusive visibility 

Intrusive visibility is a concept that explains a situation where you make something difficult to ignore by making it obstructive.

For example, you could place an awkwardly big signage over a place where people usually pass across.

This will get people interested in the signage and persuade them to read the content of your sign.

If your information is compelling enough, you may have just won yourself a new fan or customer.

6. Light your signage up

Lighting your signage up can turn your signage into a 24/7 customer magnet because it makes your sign visible all through the day.

You can easily customise your signage to have lighting and the impact this can create for your business is massive.

The letters, text, graphics and even body of the signage can be a powerful illuminated tool, that makes your sign stand out, visually compelling and readable.

7. Go Digital

Digital signage is one of the most wonderful advancements in the sign sphere. With this kind of signs, you tap into your viewers imagination and drive the kind of response you want.

Apart from the fact that it is durable and cost effective in the long run, it can also be a powerful way to give the public a more visual display of your services and products.

With a digital signage, you can easily put up graphics, videos and even images that clearly represents your business to the public and attracts them to do business with you.

8. Make your signage a Landmark

If people can easily spot your signage, then they’ll begin to use it as a point of reference whenever they need to direct people to your location.

This is easier said than done, and it may take some time as well, but if you get this right, you’ll reap so much benefits.

The more people make reference to your Signage as a landmark, the more people get to learn about your business and the more your chances of getting new customers into your business. 

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Now that you know this, it’s time to put it into action and begin to drive new customers into your store or business place.

Not to worry, we are willing to help you create an effective signage that can help you achieve your business goals.

If you’d like us to bring these create ideas to life through your signage, you can alway contact us.

See you soon

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