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How to choose a Storefront sign for your business in 6 easy Steps

How to choose a Storefront sign for your business in 6 easy Steps

Storefront signs for business are known to stay outside the business place, store or shop. A storefront signage can help announce your brand name, your important business details and create a first impression for your business to the public. 

A great storefront sign can also help to define your brand, bring in foot traffic to your business, and create visibility for your business. 

Making storefront signage for your business can cost you different amounts of money depending on the type of materials you intend to use and the type of sign you intend to create. 

This article will guide you through the necessary steps you can take to make your own beautiful business storefront signs. In this article, we’ll also have a look at different signage options you can explore and an estimate of what it may cost you.

Before we go further, let’s show you the different types of Storefront Signs you can Choose from below.

Types of Storefront Signs
Types of Storefront Signs

Types of Storefront Signs

There are several types of Storefront Signs, but we would consider 10 of the different Storefront signs you can use for your business. They are;

  1. Fabric storefront signs
  2. Plywood Storefront Signs
  3. Screen Printed Window Storefront Signs
  4. Punched Metal Signboard or Laser Cut Storefront Sign
  5. Metal Logo & Lettering Storefront Sign
  6. TubeLight Storefront Sign
  7. Digital Storefront Signs
  8. Awning Storefront Sign
  9. Rock Storefront Sign
  10. Roadway or Pole Storefront Signs

1. Fabric storefront signs

Cost Range: #50,000 – #300,000

From the name, you probably have a clue of what Fabric storefront signs are, but I’ll tell you anyway.

Fabric storefront signs are signs made from fabric and are usually banners or free standing signs. Although they are made from materials like vinyl, plastic or nylon to increase their strength, quality and make them last longer, they are still likely to fade and wear out with time.

Therefore, if you’re making fabric signage for your storefront, you should be prepared to change them at intervals – usually every 2 to 5 years (depending on the quality).

2. Plywood Storefront Signs

Cost Range: #75,000 – #550,000

Plywood signs are made from slats of  plywood and sometimes, they can also be constructed with different kinds of wood as well. One great thing about Plywood signs is that you can easily customise them and they give a rustic feel to your storefront. 

At, to make this type of sign  last longer, we usually coat them in weather resistant finishes to ensure that they last long for our customers if they are used outdoors.

This type of signage would be a perfect fit for a business with a vintage or old-fashioned brand.

3. Screen Printed Window Storefront Signs

Cost Range: #112,500 – #600,000

Screen-printed window signs are usually decorated stickers that you can place on your store windows or Storefront. There’s also the hand-painted option which is usually more expensive. 

You can choose to use this as the primary signage for your business or you can use it as decorations or secondary signage on your windows, doors or pillars.

4. Punched Metal Signboard or Laser Cut Storefront Sign

Cost Range: #75,000 – #1,200,000

If you’re looking to create a sleek feel with your storefront then the Punched metal or laser cut storefront signs may just be great for you. These kinds of signs are metal signs that have etched or laser cut designs. 

Depending on what you’d like to achieve, these kinds of signs can be fabricated in different styles. 

5. Metal Logo & Lettering Storefront Sign

Cost Range: #75,000 – #1,000,000

In metal logo or lettering storefront signs, individual letters or designs made of metal are used to fabricate a business sign. 

These kinds of signs can be expensive, but they last long and usually give your storefront a beautiful look.

We usually advise our customers at to include backlighting to the letters in order to make them visible at night and to create a glowing effect.

6. TubeLight Storefront Sign

Cost Range: #300,000 – #8,000,000

Tube light storefront signs are a type of lit signage that is built with glass tubes that are usually thin, colourful and formed into letters or logos.

These kinds of signs are usually used to write simple words like “NOW OPEN” and they could offer you an eye-catching sign that is both attractive and visible at night.

Professional help is needed for their fabrication and installation because they are fragile and not so easy to install.

Digital Storefront Sign
Digital Storefront Sign

7. Digital Storefront Signs

Cost Range: #300,000 – #10,000,000

Digital Signage are modern types of storefront signs that work electronically. They’re of different sizes, types and resolutions and they can also be customised to meet the customers’ needs.

At, you can acquire a digital signage that is designed specially to suit your needs.

With digital signage, you can play graphics, Videos, promotional displays, and lots more. You can easily change and update the information that is displayed on the screen.

How to choose a Storefront sign for your business in 6 easy Steps

Steps For Choosing a Storefront Sign

Here’s a list of the steps you should take before choosing or creating a storefront sign for your business

  1. Know the Signage Regulations of Your Business Location.
  2. Consider the Necessary Components of your Storefront Sign.
  3. Choose the best type of Storefront Sign for your Business.
  4. Design Your Storefront Sign
  5. Create Your Storefront Sign
  6. Install your Storefront Sign

1. Know the Signage Regulations of Your Business Location

Different states have different regulations that guide signage placement and design.

Therefore, before you source for your Storefront signage materials or even create a design, you should understand the laws that guide setting up signage in your area and the type of sign allowed.

This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses or sanctions and guide any decision you may choose to make afterwards. The local authorities responsible for signage in your area will often provide you with the requirements as they relate to;

  • Signage width
  • Signage Height
  • Signage Colour
  • Signage Font size
  • Signage Materials
  • Protrusion from building
  • Messaging Content on Signage 

2. Consider the Necessary Components of your Storefront Sign

There are several things to consider when you’re about to design storefront signage for your business because they can affect how customers see your business.

Apart from the fact that you’ll have to choose from different materials and design options when selecting the storefront sign for your business, you’ll also need to consider the following;

  • The kind of Branding you want
  • The Durability of the Signage
  • The Space you have for your signage
  • Your Budget for the signage.
  • Type of materials you’ll use.
  • Signage Design 

3. Choose the best type of Storefront Sign for your Business

After you’ve gotten a knowledge of the signage regulations in your business area, and you’ve considered the necessary requirements for your business Signage, it’s time to choose the kind of Storefront Sign you want. 

Here are some common storefront signs used by businesses in different niches. We will consider the estimated cost, pros, cons and common features.

We want to help you make an informed decision regarding the type of Storefront Signage your business needs. 

4. Design Your Storefront Sign 

At this point, you’re ready to design your Storefront Sign.

However, you’ll need to consider some important things that will increase the effectiveness of your signage at attracting the right customers and driving sales.

When you want to design a sign for your business, it is wise to put yourself in your customers shoes and think about what will attract them. 

You may also need to incorporate your logos or any imagery in addition to your store name that’ll help people recognise your business. 

While you design your Storefront Sign, try as much as possible to be consistent with your brand and make you design bold and eligible.

5. Create Your Storefront Sign

There are many resources and sign companies that you contact when it comes to creating your storefront sign.

In fact, if your business is situated anywhere around Nigeria, you can contact to help you create a Storefront Sign for your business. will take care of all aspects of your Storefront signage – from planning to designing to Creating and to installing the signage.

The company is known to be the best signage company with so much testimonials from customers and jobs delivered across the country.

6. Install your Storefront Sign

After you’ve successfully created your beautiful storefront sign, it’s time to take it public by positioning it outside of your Storefront.

At this point, you want to pay attention to placing your Storefront signage in a position that will give it the best visibility and the greatest impact.

To get the best results, you can consider the following to increase the visibility of your Storefront Sign:

  • Use sound to Grab people’s attention.
  • Add lighting effects that can get people to look at your sign.
  • Monitor how people interact with the environment and where you can get the best impact.
choosing a storefront signage
choosing a storefront signage

Questions to Ask When Sourcing Storefront Signage

Whether you choose to work with or not for your store front sign, you’ll need to ask the right questions.

This will ensure that you get the best value and the best service/products.

Below are some questions you can ask when you contact a sign company:

  1. Will the sign company apply for any needed construction permits?
  2. Does the company offer design services?
  3. What are the cost differences among materials?
  4. Does the company offer installation?
  5. Is there an extra installation fee?
  6. What maintenance and cleaning does this material require?
  7. Does the company offer maintenance? At what cost?
  8. Does the company offer insurance or warranties for installation or any mishaps that might happen to the sign?
  9. What is the timeline, from the time you select your sign to the time it is installed?
  10. What sizes are available?
  11. How do you determine pricing?
  12. How does adding additional colours or design elements affect my cost?


Designing a storefront sign for your business has a major role to play in defining your brand, creating your first impression, and attracting people into your store or business place.

This is why the choice of sign materials you use, the design you create and the sign you finally create should be taken seriously and made unique to your brand.

With this guide, and a professional help from you will be able to design a storefront sign that is great for your business and gets customers coming through your doors.

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