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Indoor Signs in Nigeria - Designs and Pricing

Indoor Signs in Nigeria – Designs and Pricing

Do you know that indoor signs in Nigeria and everywhere else in the world are used as branding elements, and can boost staff morale and drive sales? With the right combination of colours, brand value and important details, you can create indoor signs that pass across the information you desire and contribute to the beauty of your environment. 

Indoor signs can serve different purposes like; advertising, interior decoration, communication, etc. If you’re looking to create indoor signs for your business that will help you achieve your goals, then you’ll need to read the information in this article. In this article, you’ll discover what an indoor sign is, why you should invest in indoor signs, where to get the best indoor signs in Nigeria for your business and lots more.

What are indoor Signs?

Indoor signs are also called interior signage. Like the name implies, indoor signs are designed and installed inside rooms, offices and/or buildings. Every room in a building can have its own interior signage that serves a particular purpose.

For example, an indoor sign at the reception of your business building could be designed to create brand awareness among visitors, while those in “staff only” regions of the building could be used to motivate your team and remind them of core brand values.

Why you should invest in indoor signs for your business

Indoor signs could serve different purposes for different types of businesses. Here are some reasons why you should invest in business indoor signs.

1. To pass across information 

Indoor signs can be used to pass across information to people inside a building. For example, you could use your indoor signs to direct people around a large building. It can also be used for the identification of important sites like muster point, no smoking area, offices of individuals, etc.

2. For brand awareness

Businesses can use their indoor signs for brand awareness by placing them in strategic positions within the building. Indoor signs that show your brand mission, vision, logo and accolades can be great for brand awareness.

3. To Advertise your products and services 

Indoor signs can bring sales into your business when they are used for advertising purposes. You could create an indoor sign that displays your products and services along with their benefits and use. The perfect indoor sign for advertising your products and services will be a digital display because of its audiovisual capabilities.

4. To motivate your team

You’ve probably walked into an office space and found some inscriptions on the wall with wise words and striking statements. Those kinds of designs could also be regarded as indoor signs. Businesses use these kinds of interior signs to motivate their team and remind them of important brand values and goals.

5. For interior decoration

Neon indoor signs can be used for interior decoration of offices. Led indoor signs can also add aesthetic value through the light they emit. A sign maker with adequate design knowledge can collaborate with an interior decorator to create the kind of indoor sign you want.

Types of Indoor Signs

Below are different types of indoor signs you can use for your business.

1. Floor & wall indoor sign

Floor & wall indoor sign
Image Source: Floor & wall indoor sign pexels 

Price: ₦ 70, 000 and above 

Use creative floor and wall signs to build brand identity and pass across information. Floor and wall indoor signs can be made with neon indoor signs, banner indoor signs, or glass and plastic signs that can be placed on the wall.

2. Digital Display

Led Screens in Port Harcourt
Our Digital Signage Store at Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Price: ₦60,000 and above 

Indoor digital display signs come in different sizes, but can be customised. You can find LED digital displays that show a single colour moving text and you can also get one which displays multiple colours with animations. However, if you’re in search of an indoor digital display that you can use to display your products/services visually, then you’d have to invest in LED display screens that have the capacity to show images, videos and audio.

3. Reception & Lobby Sign

Reception & Lobby indoor signs
Reception & Lobby indoor sign for a client

Price: ₦70,000 and above 

Reception & Lobby signs like indoor logo signs, brand achievement signs, etc can be used to welcome visitors and give them a feel of your brand. Reception and Lobby sign is an opportunity for you to communicate your brand value to visitors and entice them to become customers.

4. Directional Signs

Price: ₦50,000 and above 

Directional signs are perfect for large buildings where people can find it hard to locate their destinations. They can also be used for the identification of offices, and to give information to people about the rules and regulations of the building/organisation. 

5. Brand identification Sign

Brand identification indoor signs
Brand identification indoor signs

Price: ₦100, 000 and above

Brand identification Signs like indoor logo signage can be placed at strategic places in your office or a large complex building to make your brand easy to identify. It is effective in an environment where there are various brands in one building. These signs can be used to convey important information and core brand values.

Where to get indoor signs in Nigeria 

Finding a signage company to help you design and execute the type of indoor sign you want for your business may be difficult. This is why we recommend that you contact to get access to professionals that can design and create any type of indoor sign for you. Using the knowledge from this article, you’ll be able to collaborate with your sign maker to create the perfect signage for your business.

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