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What is Digital Signage and How Does it Work?

Many people have little or no knowledge about digital signage and how they work. This is why you usually come across questions like; what is digital signage or how does digital signage work?.

If you’ve also asked these questions before, you’ll definitely find answers in this comprehensive guide about digital signage that we’ve carefully written for you.

It might interest you to know that, digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness. Data also shows that Digital displays can capture 400% more views than static displays.

Before we dive deep into all aspects of digital signage, we would like to get started with helping you understand what digital signage is. In this guide, you’ll get to understand what digital signage is and how it can help your business.

Additionally, you’ll also discover different ways you can use digital signs to increase your brands visibility, get more customers to your business and also grow your revenue.

What is Digital Signage?

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Digital Signage is sometimes referred to as Electronic signage because it works electronically unlike traditional signs.

Most Digital signage includes a range of electronic display technologies like LED displays, LED walls or Video walls, electronic restaurant menus, electronic billboards etc.

It usually makes use of display technologies like plasma, LED lights or LCD screens to display moving messages, pictures, graphics and even videos to customers and passer-by.

Before you invest in digital signage for your business, you should be aware of the different types of digital signage that we’ve discussed below.

The 4 Different Types of Digital Signage.

There are four major types of digital signage that you can use for your business. They include:

  1. Automated digital signage
  2. Advertising digital signage
  3. Dynamic digital signage
  4. Interactive digital signage

1. Automated Digital Signage

Automated Digital Signage has been in use for over 10 years in different locations around the world. 

It is often used to display real estate properties for sale or rent and it is usually mounted in public transit locations. 

As a business or company, you can use an Automated Digital Signage in your office or factories to display goals, or communicate key performance indicators, pass across health and safety messages and also show your standard quality metrics.

2. Advertising digital signage

If you’ve ever walked past a major road in your city and you saw a big electronic billboard along the way, then you’ve probably come across an advertising digital signage.

This type of digital signage is usually found along highways in big cities and is often used for advertisement purposes.

One peculiar thing about Advertising digital signage is that it can be designed to offer advanced reports for display adverts and other important metrics for advertisers.

3. Dynamic digital signage

This type of digital signage technology has the ability to display different visual formats like Images, videos graphics etc. These kinds of displays could either be built solely for interior use or exterior use. 

They are often made with LED, LCD or DEL technologies. After these screens must have been designed and built, they are programmed and then these Visual content are fed into the system. 

As a business owner, you can use this kind of digital display in hospitals, hotels, clubs, churches, restaurants and lots more.

4. Interactive digital signage

These kinds of signage are usually designed to have some interactive touch effect that responds to people’s touch and gestures. 

An interactive digital display can have various uses such as aesthetics, advertising, digital posters, and for passing across information.

It can be used in hotels also to create engaging effects for your guests and to stay memorable in their mind.

Different Uses of Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage in Nigeria


Digital Signage can be used for different purposes no matter what you do or what your business is about.  Check below for some uses of Digital Signage.

1. Digital Menu Boards

You can use digital signage in your restaurant, bar and even clubs to create an easy to read and engaging menu list.

To even make it more effective, you can add images of mouth watering food on the menu as well. This will engage your customers in a more effective way and get them more interested in your offering.

If you have different menu listings for different periods of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) a digital menu will allow you to easily change to a different display in a few seconds.

2. Window Display

You can use digital signage as a window display to advertise your business and give information to customers. 

For example, you can give customers useful information like your opening and closing hours, sales offers, products and services, discounts and other relevant information.

As an example, if you’re into real estate and you have an apartment for lease, you could include videos of the beautiful apartment on your display screen and show customers other additional information while you do so.

3. Storefront Display

You can use digital signage on your storefront as well to provide the necessary information to the public and inform them of your products and services.

Storefront digital signage is a great way to capture the attention of new customers and give them a glimpse of what your business can offer them.

Great storefront Display could also add beauty to your store front and make it more alluring to passerbys.

4. Touch screen information stations

Let’s say you’re hosting a trade show or an event, you could make use of digital signage to interact with your attendees and offer them more information about your business or the event.

This is a fun and interactive way to engage with people and get them immersed in the activities of your event.

You could also apply this in your personal business and allow customers to use it to source information themselves. 

With touchscreen information stations clients can get information like; your upcoming arrivals, new products, prices of different items etc.

5. Counter displays & Point-of-purchase displays

You can make use of a counter display or point of purchase display to increase your sales by offering customers an upsell or down sell on the screen after their first purchase.

This will be a beautiful way to get customers to buy complementary products and get to know about other offers you gave in your store.

We recommend that you place these counter displays or point of purchase displays at a position where clients can be enticed to make a purchase or buy a new product.

Advantages of Digital Signage

Digital Signage can offer you so many benefits no matter what your business may be. Below are some benefits;

1. Business Publicity and Visibility

With a Digital Signage, you can give your business more publicity and visibility unlike traditional signage. 

This is because with digital signage, you have the ability to make use of effects, motions and even lights to draw people’s attention to your message.

You can add flashing, scrolling, rearranging, touch sensitivity and even sound to ensure that people see your business and its products or services.

2. Easy to Update Information

If you’ve been in business long enough, you know the cost of constantly changing your advertisement posters, banners and flyers. 

When there’s a change of event, location or a new flash sale, you’ll always need a new banner or poster to update the information.

Not anymore though, Digital Signage takes that problem away and allows you to easily make changes whenever there’s a new update to your business activities.

3. Good for Business Image

Your first impression matters. This is not just true for personal appearance, it’s also true for business too. 

A digital signage demonstrates that your business is up-to-date and is in touch with new technology and new ways of doing things.

This gives a good impression about your brand and helps you acquire quality customers for your business.

4. Personalised Information

Digital Signage allows you to make use of digital graphics for your business benefit. 

With digital graphics, you can target your message to the right audience by using a special and unique digital message that resonates with them.

This also works when you have a flash sale, or a limited time offer. You can quickly make a digital graphic that you can plug and play on your digital signage.

5. Aesthetic View

When you can get something that’s both beautiful and effective, that’s definitely a great deal. 

With a Digital Signage you can add both aesthetic value to your business place without losing effect. 

Digital Signage gives off beautiful lights, bold and colourful text as well as attractive and captivating views to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you use Digital Signage

There are numerous ways to use digital signage for your business, but below are a few ways you can use a digital signage;

  • Digital Signage can also be used to feature a product, item, or service.
  • You can use digital signage to explain the value in a product, item, or service. 
  • It can be used to entertain customers.
  • With digital signage, you can also inform customers. 
  • Digital Signage can also help you to communicate brand values.

2. How do you create your own digital signage?

If you would like to create a digital signage, follow these steps below;

  • Decide what you want to use your digital signage for.
  • Make your research on the type of digital signage you want for your business.
  • Contact a digital signage company like
  • Work with the company to ensure a perfect installation and positioning.
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