Did you just asked GOOGLE for the best Signs and Signage Company in Port Harcourt responsible for designs outdoor and indoor signs that will boost foot traffic to your business?

Well then, you just hit a jackpot!

The content in this page has guided a lot of businesses in Nigeria to activate an increase in customer acquisition hence tremendous spike in sales and conversions.


Do you want an attractive signage display from a Signage Company in Port Harcourt, that will not only bring prospects to your business, instead turn them to loyal customers and keep them engaged?

Don’t be in a hurry!

Take your time to understand what signage is all about, before you make that important step towards getting a business signage from Signage Company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.



Signage Company in Port Harcourt

Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing or a kind of advocacy.


Signages are seen everywhere as they can be customized for business brands, to convey the name and location of the business, or to promote a specific service or product that the business offers.

Though signage can be in many shapes, sizes, colors, texts and images, we can distinguish them in two forms namely:

  1. Static Signage: these are signs which are made with papers and plastic banners etc, but can’t be changeable once made.
  2. Digital Signage: these are movable signs which use LED/LCD or Projectors to display information.



According to a business survey conducted by Burger King to discover how customers got to know about a particular branch.

After few months of asking their customers how they became aware of the branch.

Here where results:

Saw it while passing – 35%
Always knew it was there – 29%
Word of mouth – 14%
Advertising – 10%
Others – 6%
Don’t know – 6%

The #1 result – “Saw it while passing” means they saw their signage.

That’s just a tip of why signage is important to any business.

Signages are super important in our everyday life, that’s why you will find business Signages everywhere in Port Harcourt.

Signages save time e.g. Traffic signs, Street Signs
Signages saves life e.g. Safety Signs
Signages saves money e.g. Promotional Signs etc.

Do you need a business Signs and Signages in Nigeria?

Keep reading…


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Signs and signage are very crucial for brand awareness and business success as they serve as a silent sales person for businesses every hour of the day.

But then;

Before you make step towards looking for a signage company in Port Harcourt, you need to plan for best results.

The right Digital Signage matters for your business.

Just having signage boards with messy content can lead to a negative impact to your business branding – so getting the right business signage is as important as showing the correct content on them.

For example,

Have you been in a situation while driving, not from far a distance, you abruptly see a business sign that grabs your attention?

You might think, “It’s no special factor” – however that is a strategic and ideal mix of hues, structure and content installed perfectly to serve an advertisement purpose.

Note this:
Regardless if your business is located where the traffic is moving quickly, or in a limited path where your signs needs to coordinate prospects or customers toward your office space.

You have to put resources into the right business signage arrangements.

Here are tips for choosing the right Signage Company in Port Harcourt for your business.

But hey! Don’t rush it.

Here is your first assignment, as they will help you settle on the right choice.


1. Get to know your Industry: What is your business niche; this will help you to decide your ideal customers

2. Distance from People: From what distance are people going to be engaging with your signage?

This is probably one of the most important decisions to make when looking to introduce signage displays for your business.

3. Think outside the Box: Put some thought into your business signage.

It has to be unique in a way people shouldn’t confuse your brand with someone else’s.

Add humor into your signage display to evoke a positive response.

Humorous signage makes customers take quick notice of your brand and builds long-lasting relationships.

4. Where Your Signage “Must” be Installed: Always plan to have more than one signs installed for your business.

Opt for places such as Point of Transit, Point of Sale and Point of Waiting.

5. How enormous “BIG” should your signage be: This is self explanatory, and your budget should give you the right answers!

6. Partner with the “Right” Signage Company: Choosing a signage company near you is not what your business needs.

Instead think about Sign Experts that will give your business the necessary boost and display your brand message in the right spot where it makes the most financial impact.

At LedSignage Signage Company in Port Harcourt, we offer high-resolution printing services using advanced printing methods at affordable prices.


signages in port harcourt


You might ask; how did we get this far within this few years of launch?

It’s simple,
we understand the process of digital signage making in Nigeria.



As a top signs and signage company in Nigeria, we make arrangements into acquiring the right resources for your business signages in Port Harcourt.


  • We Consider Every Reader As a Visitor: When planning your display signages in Port Harcourt or anywhere in Nigeria, we attempt to analyze how your signs will look and feel with our in-house modern design softwares.

It’s essential we partner with brands towards installing signs and signage that will possibly grasp everyone’s attention irrespective of a viewer’s core interest.

Reason being, the individuals who may not fit into your intended interest group may be in contact with somebody who can be your potential client!


  • Clean Signage Design & Great Font Option: We choose a clean design strategy with clear fonts for the best visibility and comprehension.

Individuals should be able to grasp the information displayed from any possible angle.


Signage Company in Port Harcourt

As a top Signage Company in Port Harcourt, we again recommend the use of more than one signage for your business brand.

Reading Further!
Let’s discuss where business signs and signage can be mounted in Nigeria.



Indoor signage for businesses are super awesome as they make brand Identities glow and grow.

According to a few surveys, people repetitively visits a store just by seeing wonderful signs displays.

Indoor signs psychologically make business premises look premium, serene and comfortable – “Happy Workers, Happy Customers”.

Indoor signs can be designed to coordinate the position of services, facilities, functional spaces and key areas within business premises.

The key functions for indoor signs can be Corporate Branding, Wayfinding, Commercial Promotions and Product Recommendations etc.

Within a business place, Indoor signs can be adhered on the Walls, Glass, and Floors etc.

Examples of Indoor signs includes:

Directional Arrow Signs
Lobby Signs
Banners and Posters
Toilet Signs
Exit Signs
Emergency Signs
Digital Screens Displays
Displays Monitors
Light Boxes
3d Letter Signs
Logo Signs
Price List Signs
Menu Signs
Wall and Floor Graphics



signages in port harcourt

A funny question!

Will you shake a stranger with no clothes on?

You probably will have to think about that with a folded face.

It’s reasonable that operating a business without a signage is a sign of an unserious business

Outdoor Signs and Signage in Nigeria is an excellent tool to attract customers, increase visibility, boost sales & build your brand.

These signs are noticeable big and audible and tends to draw people’s attention to your business places, most importantly discourage mis-direction.

It’s your opportunity to make a great first impression; if done rightly, will activate a loyal customer than a lost opportunity.

It is crucial to analyze your company’s goals, vision, location and your target audience then partner with a top Signage Company in Port Harcourt to get this right.

Examples of Outdoor Signs includes:

Pylon Signs
Monument Signs
Reader Board
Lightbox Signs
Digital Screen Signs
Electronic Signs
Illuminated Signs
Window Graphics
Wall Signs
Sidewalk Signs
3d Letter Signs
Backlit Signs
A-Frame Signs

Now you’ve known the difference between indoor and outdoor Signages display for companies and businesses;

Let’s go into signs and signage we build and install for brands in Nigeria.



LedSignage Digital Group offers lots of options when it comes to indoor and outdoor sign types.

Below are handpicked signages we provide for business brands in Nigeria.

Located in Port Harcourt! Call Us Today on 07040364556 to schedule a signage plan for your Business Brand anywhere in Nigeria.

3d Led Signs and 3d Letter Signages in Port Harcourt

skyrun sales and repairs

3D Signages also known as “Three dimensional or dimensional signs” are signs that add an element of depth to a flat sign’s height and width.

Unlike a 2D flat signage, the shape, shadows and shading of 3D letters and Logo signs are eye-catching and popularly used in Port Harcourt today.


3d Led Signages In Port Harcourt

These are modern 3d signs illuminated by LED (light-emitting diode).

3D led signages in Port Harcourt add a dynamic factor to your business branding.

LED signages are rated for continual use for up to 100,000 hours.

LED signage radiates a “cold light”, meaning they generate very
little heat and uses less energy compared with other lighting technologies.

LED signs produce brighter illuminated display that begets greater readability and flexibility of use than
traditional signs and billboards.

LED signs are weather resistant and low maintenance.

LEDSIGNAGE.ng Signage Company in Port Harcourt has the ability to create 3D lettering and shapes from a range of materials and illuminate it in a number of innovative ways for a bold and high marketing impact.


Gas and Petrol Filling Station Branding In Port Harcourt

signages in port harcourt

A strong business branding is vital to the success of a newly started or an already existing business in Nigeria.

Branding conveys professionalism, trust, success and creates a strong promise to your customers.

In a competitive environment, branding create memorable perceptions of business in the minds of prospects.

Professional branding of petrol stations in Port Harcourt have benefits over competitors towards winning and retaining new customers.


LedSignage Signage Company in Port Harcourt has the capability to offer branding and imaging opportunities and increase foot traffic to your gas and petrol stations in Nigeria.


Digital Display Screens in Port Harcourt

signages in port harcourt

Digital displays are essentially flat panel screens that rely on different technologies to present multimedia content to an audience.

The popular displays are the LCD screens which make use of liquid crystal cells to display content and LED screens that are based on Light Emitting Diode technology.

Digital screen displays in Nigeria comes in many sizes that vary from one manufacturer to another but then a larger size doesn’t mean high-quality.

To buy a digital screen signage display in Port Harcourt, note that the display’s resolution is one of the most crucial factors to consider.

Before making your choice, always consider the distance between the viewer and the display’s final location.

At LEDsignage Signage Company in Port Harcourt, we have display size calculators that we use to determine the right size screen display in your location.

Visit our signage office at no 6 Old Aba Road, Rumuogba to BUY AND HIRE OUR LED DISPLAY BOARDS in Port Harcourt.

Pylon Signs and Signages in Port Harcourt

signage in port harcourt

Pylons signs are freestanding signs that may be one-sided or double-sided, and designed to call attention to your place of business.

Pylon signs are also known as Road Signs or Highway Signs because they’re often mounted on the alongside roads, storefronts and towers and tall enough to grab of passerby.

Pylon signs and signage manufacturing companies in Port Harcourt can customized your signs to fit your needs, from the materials used in construction to the shape, height, colors, and durability.

Businesses that most commonly use pylon signs in Port Harcourt include:

Business parks
Gas stations
Retail stores
Movie theaters
Truck stops
Shopping plazas
Car washes
Mechanic shops
Car dealerships

signage in port harcourt

At Ledsignage.ng Signage Company in Port Harcourt, we also build Pylon Signs that have illumination with fluorescent or LED light bulbs and other features for your signs to glow at night.

See PYLON SIGNS WE HAVE BUILT and installed in Port Harcourt.


Led Display Boards Signages in Port Harcourt

signages in port harcourt

First of all, what does LED stands for?

LED is a Light-emitting diode that produces light.

While a LED Display board is a flat panel display that uses an array of LED’s as pixels for a video display.

Due to its brightness, Led Display signs are commercially used for advertisement for both indoors and outdoors purposes.

Led display Screens are super attractive and can communicate just about every message that you wish to send – making them perfect for multi-purpose use.

As a very popular business signage display, they’re seen mostly in Banks, Stadiums, Manufacturing Plants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Fuel Stations, Airports and Churches etc.


Looking for a led display signage company in Port Harcourt?

We are the best hence our business name LEDSIGNAGE.NG

At LEDsignage, we assemble outdoor and indoor LED displays signages in Port Harcourt.

We have three led display boards namely; Full Color, Tri Color and the Single Color.

Contact us today; let’s discuss a signage display best for your business growth.

Led Hymn Display Board Signage in Port Harcourt

As several churches continue to grow big, LED has become the go-to solution to communicate with members both internally and externally.

In modern worship environments, LED display boards are used to engage congregation by displaying Hymns, song lyrics, messages, news, sermon points and more…

At LEDsignage Signage Company in Port Harcourt, we create award-winning LED display solutions to your church, such as the Digital Hymn Display boards, directional signs etc.

– We can design products based on your needs and goals.


Digital Clocks For Signs in Port Harcourt

signages in port harcourt

A digital clock is a type of clock that displays the time numerically, as opposed to an analogue clock, where the time is indicated by the positions of rotating hands.

Clocks are essential in any workplace as work hours are structured around time.

Digital wall clocks are the most efficient as these show the exact time, with no way to mistake the position of the clock’s hands of the analogue clocks.

LEDsignage manufactures the best branded digital wall clocks in Port Harcourt.

We customize digital clocks that will represent your business brand in a professional way.

See samples of our Digital Wall Clocks in Port harcourt.


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Health and Digital Safety Sign Boards in Port Harcourt

signages in port harcourt

Caution or Safety signs are an essential and legal requirement for health and safety purposes for Nigerian Businesses.

Ready to get a safety sign board for your business in Port Harcourt?

Note that safety signs can be installed anywhere with messages to remind employees and customers at important junctures to be careful and aware of danger.

At LEDsignage we build Digital Safety Signs to heighten the awareness of corporate communications and easy use of Led signs that delivers a number of safety messages.



Led Moving Message Display Board Signs in Port Harcourt


LED signs are becoming continually popular in all kinds of lighting fixtures as they offer bright displays that can be eye catching in right environment.

Led Moving signs are an innovative way of displaying messages and graphics that can be changed often and grasp customers attention.

Don’t bore your viewers with the same old static signs, instead excite people and arouse their interest in watching your signs display for an instant positive reaction.

At LEDsignage Signage Company in Port Harcourt, we have a wide variety of Special Effects to make your moving messages sign display more attractive, appealing and entertaining.

LEDsignage Digital Company specializes in designing both indoor and outdoor electronic sign systems in Single and Multi-colored display medium.

CONTACT US NOW for your reliable and highly readable led moving message sign display systems..


Pharmacy Signs and Signages in Port Harcourt

signages in port harcourt

A sign is the first thing that a potential customer does notice about a business.

The better the signage design, the higher the chances the customer will go to your store first even in a competitive environment.

A well-designed pharmacy signs in a quality drug store will definitely catch the attention of potential customers who are looking to buy drugs for their health.

There are several pharmacy signage designs with various colors and neon lights to draw attention to your health center.

Types of pharmacy signs branding in Nigeria includes:

  1. Pharmacy Cross Signs in Port Harcourt:

    These are animated or dancing Neon light Pharmacy Cross Signs computerized to display customized messaging, adverts and even time.

  2. Pharmacy Shop Front Signs in Port Harcourt:

    This is an Exterior signage for your pharmacy store which clearly communicates to the customers the services you’re offering.

LedSignage offers high quality branding designs with materials that can withstand different kinds of weather and temperatures for your pharmacy signage in Port Harcourt and the world at large.

Digital Retail Prices Display Signs In Port Harcourt

signages in port harcourt

Do you offer services with several values, sizes and prices?

Support urgency and satisfy your customers by displaying a price list of your popular and in-demand products.

It could be a Static Display or Digital Moving Message Display in Single color, Three-color combination or Full-Color display signs.

At Ledsignage.ng Signage Company in Port Harcourt, we build Price Display signs to show services and their prices in letters, numbers and symbols to reduce work on the sales representatives

Our Digital Price Signs in Port Harcourt are great for:
Fuel stations



GOOGLE as a powerful search Engine has a way of displaying signage companies near you with their perfect integration of GOOGLE Maps.

When “Location” is “ON” on your browsing device, the “Big G” can detect your location, find and display services you searched for located near you.

But when it comes to best signage display for your business, signage brands found near your location are never the best option.

Instead partner with a top and Signage Company in Port Harcourt that will give your brand the best design and high ROI (Return of Investment)




Digital Signs is the best type of signage you can invest for your business.

Digital signage can give your business an edge over competitors; and this why you need to mount a digital signage today…

  1. Customer Engagement:
    Digital displays signs are attention-grabbing. – Consumers pay more attention to digital displays because they’re far more interesting and engaging than older forms of signage.
  2. Dynamic and Contextual Content Updates:
    Digital signage can be easily control, and modified quickly, allowing it to be incorporated into virtually any environment.
  3. Effective Communication:
    Digital signs are the best gateway businesses interact directly with customers and engaging them at the same time.
  4. Increases the Digital Presence:
    We’re in a digital world, where we use social media networks to increase brand awareness and generate new customers.

Digital Signs mounted in your business places gives your customers that modern and exciting feeling that will make them to keep coming back.

  1. Boosts Purchases and Sales:
    Digital Signage in Nigeria conveys important messages, promotions and adverts directly to customers and creates additional sales.

LEDSIGNAGE is the best digital signage makers in Port Harcourt guaranteed to
boost your business brand with quality signs and signage in Nigeria.



Do you need to install the best signage display for your business in Nigeria?

CONTACT US; let’s get started with your project…

See our GALLERY OF SIGNAGE we’ve built for small and big companies.



A-frame Signs
Address Signs
Sign Banners (Flex, SAV etc)
Bar Signs
Billboard Signs
Building Signs
Cabinet Signs
Construction Signs
Coronavirus Signage
Decals / Window Decals
Digital Signs
Dimensional Letters
Door Signs
Electronic Signs
Flag Signs
Floor Signs
Hanging Signs
Informational Signs
LED Signs
Lighted Signs
Lobby Signs
Menu Boards
Monument Signs
Office Signs
POP Signs
Pole Signs
Product Displays Signs
Promotional Signs
Pylon Signs
Retail Signs
Room ID Signs
Safety Signs
Sidewalk Signs
Storefront Signs
Table Top Displays
Temporary Signs
Tenant Signs
Trade Show Displays
Vehicle Lettering Signs
Vinyl Lettering Signs
Wall Signs
Warehouse Signs
Wayfinding Signs
Window Graphics Signs
Yard Signs


Automotive Signs
Bank Signs
Bar Signs
Barber Signs
City Signs
College Signs
Church Signs
Convenience Store Signs
Corporate Signs
Dentist Signs
Doctor Signs
Farm Signs
Fuel Station Signs
Gas Station Signs
Hospital Signs
Hotel Signs
Laundromat Signs
Lawyer Signs
Mall Signs
Manufacturing Signs
New Business Signs
Nursery Signs
Petrol Station Signs
Political Signs
Restaurant Signs
Real Estate Signs
Salon Signs
School Signs
Small Business Signs
Studio Signs
Warehouse Signs




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