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LED DISPLAY SCREENS are those big screens that look like a very big television, usually seen at the back of church altars, Clubs, Hotels, Bars, or behind the stage in events that show either videos, pictures etc.


They are usually made up of LED panels linked together to create massive LED-type boards that display the artist’s visuals. They can be found at most clubs and festivals.


It is also called LED PANELS, MEGA SCREENS, VIDEO WALLS OR LED WALLS.They are the new alternative to Projectors.




Led Screen Used For Digital Signage And Electronic Billboard.
  • They can be used as electronic billboards for advertising.
  • They can be used as Digital Sign.
  • They can be used as informative screens.
  • They can be used in churches, cinemas, malls, hotels, event places, clubs, bars, concerts etc.
  • LED screen are used to improve customer experience by broadcasting multimedia content.
  • They are effective for running multimedia ads.




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Led Display Screen Used On A Stage During A Show.


Many people ask this question, but here is what finally answers it.


An LED DISPLAY SCREEN is by far a better alternative to Projectors. Projectors are usually not visible during the day, or when bright light surrounds it.


When you have a lot of light emitting devices around a projector screen, it is going to make your projector screen seem really dim .This can destroy the flow of your event.


Imagine having a presentation in your event hall/church in the day, and you have to use a projector for it.


Think about the discomfort that you will face, from trying to make sure it is visible, trying to adjust it properly.


Would you prefer a dim projector screen, which you would have to adjust several times before you can get the right positioning.




Would you prefer a simple plug and play system like an LED DISPLAY SCREEN?


The truth is, many modern churches, event centers and even cinemas are switching from projectors to LED DISPLAY SCREENS.


With a projector, there is a lot of blank wall between the projector screen that makes the stage seem unconnected. With this set up, the eye is having a hard time seeing what is on the screen.


This can be more distracting than anything else, pulling focus away from your graphic elements.


An LED DISPLAY SCREEN solves all the problems a projector screen has.



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Easy Plug and Play LED Display Screen System.
  1. You can use any computer to control LED display screens, as long as it meets the technical requirements. This allows you to broadcast content right after the set-up, with an easy to use software.
  2. If you don’t have a computer, you can control your screens by using a plug-and-play external player, or other external devices like a flash drive. Once you plug in the USB or external device, you can start broadcasting instantly.
  3. Plug any external video sources: DVD players, BD players, TV decoders. The LED display screen has a professional system that will perfectly decode any video signal on your LED screen.
  4. An LED display screen has better video and picture quality, and is perfect for use anytime of the day.



Led Screens in Port Harcourt
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