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Custom Neon Club Sign

Club Signs – Best Designs and Prices

When it comes to picking club signs, you need to look out for beautiful designs that can add colour to the club and fit nicely into the environment. Here, you’ll find some amazing Club sign designs and their prices.

Branded Club Signs

Price: #100,000 and above

Branded Club Signs
Branded Club Signs for a client

You’ve probably walked into a club and found signs around with the logo or names of brands like Budweiser, Heineken and even the club’s name. These types of signs are called branded Club signs. They are customised with words, brand insignia or products. 

Custom Neon Sign

Price: #90,000 and above

Custom Neon Club Sign
Custom Neon Club Sign for a client

Custom Neon Signs are perfect for clubs because of their aesthetic value and ability to light up the room. You can customize these neon signs with different animated effects. For Neon Club signs, the price is determined by the dimensions, details, text, font and personalisation that is required. 

Club banner Sign 

Price: #80,000 and above 

Club banner Sign
Club banner Sign for a client

If you’re thinking of hosting an event in your club or you just want to offer new information to your customers and the public, club banner signs are what you need. With club banners you could advertise events and/or display the logos of your sponsors and partners. You could send a design from your graphic designer, or let us handle everything from start to finish. 

Club pylon sign

Price: #500,000 and above 

Club pylon sign
Club pylon sign for a client

This type of outdoor club sign is used to advertise your business location. These types of signs are tall so that they can be visible enough for people to see them while they are on traffic. Pylon signs for your club will usually contain your club name, logo, address, and what you offer. 

Club entrance Sign

Price: #700,000 and above

Club entrance Sign
Entrance Sign for a Client

Welcoming visitors into the club with an attractive sign at your entrance is a great way to start the party. We recommend you use a 3d letter/logo sign with a back light for your club entrance sign. You could also use other club entrance signs like the neon sign or LED display Sign. 

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Let’s help you set up your club sign.

Before you set up a sign, you’ll have to work with a professional to pick and design the best one for your club. To do this effectively, you need a sign maker like to guide you. has a track record of creating breathtaking signs for businesses, clubs, churches, etc. Get in touch with us now for your club signs.

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