Cost of Mega Screens in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Searching for where to Get Mega Screens in Port Harcourt for your events and ceremonies?

Look no further, read the information below before you buy or hire Mega Screens in Port Harcourt and in other states in Nigeria. 


In megacities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, etc., Mega Screens are said to be prevalent. 

As you might have predicted, large screens are transforming the events industry and providing audiences with even more captivating experiences than they would have experienced in the past.

Then again, 

If you are going to hire a screen or led mega screen in Port Harcourt, it’s advisable that you learn what the standard price is for a screen rental in Nigeria.

It is also necessary to understand the type of Led screen you are paying for and the size of the screen when looking up the price of Mega led screens in Port Harcourt.

Is it weatherproof and can it be used in the rain? 

Is the brightness adequate even when viewing under direct sunlight? 

In every question, you might have, know that a quality Mega screen can provide perfect images indoors or outdoors for every member of your audience. 

Now let’s take a moment to discuss the use of LED Mega Screens in Port Harcourt. 


Mega screens make events look rich and exciting and provide attendees with an unforgettable experience. 

Mega Display screens are suitable for a wide range of events, including – 

Mega Screens for Conference:

This is the utilizing of digital Mega screens inside Conference Rooms to offer an innovative, engaging, and memorable experience to attendees while exchanging new information by industry experts on a common chosen interest.

The key to an effective conference is excellent communication, which may be difficult at times.

The use of mega screens is extremely valuable for engaging and communicating effectively. 

Mega Screens for Musical and Comedy Concerts:

Various forms of entertainment use mega screens, such as music concerts and theater.

Bright lights on the screens enhance the ambiance and make it more lively. 

Example at runway shows, Big Brother Nigeria, Nigerian’s Got Talent, etc, Mega Screens are used to provide excellent entertainment. 

Mega Screens for Wedding:

There is nothing more emotional than the use of a digital display in a wedding not only to the couple but also to the guests, especially the couple’s close relatives. 

Videos of a couple’s childhood photos or pre-wedding memories with family or friends may be shown which can be emotional and beautiful. 

An LED display screen at a wedding not only adds a sense of enjoyment to everyone while attending the event, but it also touches the heart of everyone present.

… … It is also possible for couples to record and display a “thank you” or “welcome video” for their guests before the wedding which can also leave a considerable impression on them

Mega Screens for churches:

In modern worship environments, visual technology has become one of the most effective ways to engage congregations. 

Messages, sermon points, song lyrics, worship, and more are communicated using mega screens in Nigerian pulpits.

… With digital screens, it’s never been easier to update the look and feel of your church’s stage design.

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Make your event OUTSTANDING WITH LED Mega Screens “.

Our track record speaks for us when it comes to the installation and maintenance of any kind of digital display solution (both indoor and outdoor screens).

We provide equipment for major events in Port Harcourt as we work closely with events/meeting planners and event vendors.

We provide digital signage and led screens of several sizes… We also provide large screen projectors, event live feeding or streaming, and photo slides for you and your clients. 

Our professional services include quality equipment for simple or complex events. 

We have the capacity to cater to the needs of several clients at the same time and at different locations.


Whether you are hosting a corporate event, musical concert, conference, cinema, or wedding, birthday in Port Harcourt… our LED Mega screens guarantee perfect images for your event.

Considering the size of the screen and how far in advance you book for the screen rental, the Mega screen rental in Port Harcourt can be as high as 150k, 200k, or 250k. 

In a situation where demand exceeds supply, the highest bidder wins.

It is important to note that the cost of led screen rentals in Nigeria does not include transportation to the venue.

Do consider the costs associated with transportation and screen rentals. 

All our digital display products, such as CHURCH SCREENS, MEGA SCREENS products are great for events and exhibitions, promotions, product launches, presentations, and more allowing you to get your message across digitally… 

Mega Screens in Port Harcourt


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Our quality video display equipment and services are designed for giant and small events with a focus on your message and strong delivery impact to your target audience.

We will love to help bring in high-resolution engaging video screens into your next event anywhere in Nigeria.

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