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Have you noticed that top churches in Uyo, Akwa Ibom have led screens of several sizes installed in their churches for wonderful reasons? 

You might wonder why these smart churches like to use Led Screens instead of other virtual display devices. 

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An LED screen is a video display where each pixel is made up of a bunch of tiny LEDs. 

Each bunch has a red, green, and blue LED, which lights up suitably to create the correct color. 

When you move away from an LED Screen, because the pixels are larger, the image becomes clearer.

LED screens have been widely applied in a variety of public places. The locations may include hotels, weddings, conference rooms, airports, sports fields, and in churches. 

While LED screens come in several sizes for indoors and outdoors, large LED screens for churches have gained popularity. 

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The use of video screens in churches can improve communication between worship houses and the congregation, no matter how small or large they are. 

In addition to being called “Video Screens” or “Projector Screens,” LED Screens are very powerful and can be used in many ways during services. 

By displaying hymns, song lyrics, Bible passages, and messages on church screens, pastors and priests encourage members to praise God as one voice.



A television (television) was widely used in churches before church screens became a reality. 

In a growing church, large spaces and displays screens are required. 

LED screens have a huge advantage over televisions when it comes to displaying size options. 

LED projector screens allow for a much larger display surface.

It is extremely expensive to get a very large TV screen, but with a led projection screen you can get a much larger screen for less money.

Additionally, projector screens last longer. You can expect to get 20-30 years from a high-quality projector screen whereas a TV might last you 4-6 years.

The advantage of a high-end projector screen is that you can upgrade the projector multiple times, making the screen future-proof, while with television, you may need to replace the entire set.





There are things we can’t overlook when installing church screens in Uyo… 

– and that is the optimal area where viewers can clearly see the displays on the screen without stress.

When choosing a projector screen, worship centers should keep viewing angles in mind. 

An optimal church display screen should have a wider viewing angle, for example. Screens with a viewing cone of 160°-180°.

There are some churches that are so large that it will be necessary to get two or more screens so that worshipers can see whatever is on the screen from wherever they are seated.

That is to say, multiple screens may be used in place of a large screen, so long as the net screen size is comparable to that of the larger screen.



For a small church, smaller LED screens are sufficient, whereas a larger church will need multiple or large LED screens. 

An image displayed on a normal-sized LED screen will make it impossible for hundreds or thousands of people to be able to see the details. 

Thus, the size of the church can greatly influence the size of the led screen required for installation. 




Places of worship throughout the world experienced a decline in membership and reduced attendance of the younger generation today.

To overcome this trend, places of worship are beginning to embrace new technologies such as church screens and social media to better engage with young people.

Today, almost every top churches in Nigeria HAVE A WEBSITE, and a huge 75% of them also using projector screens in their sermons. 

Led signage for churches has revolutionized places of worship and here are few tips on why you need to get a display screen for your church as fast as possible. 

  • Promote Messages:

A fun way to keep worshipers engaged at your church is to have a ‘bible verse of the day or a ‘theme of the week’. 

To remind people of this theme or message, simply place a screen at the entrance where worshippers can see and absorb one or more messages before they enter the place of worship.

Church screens can also display the hymn numbers nice and clearly, ensuring that everybody can read them hence increase overall engagement with the service.

  • Better Broadcasting

Digital church screens are amazing when it comes to displaying video and images. 

Videos and moving images are always exciting to watch hence a greater audience concentration rate is achieved. 

Subsequently, church screens and signs help to broadcast a message better even to hearing-impaired attendees.

  • Social Media:

With over 2.8 Billion active social media users, churches must harness their power to engage with new audiences. 

Social media platforms are used by many young people, so churches need to follow suit to captivate them.

Social media activities can be displayed on digital screens in churches, from live tweets to Instagram posts highlighting events. 

It’s a fantastic way to several engage with people and heighten the sense of community within the church. 




Indoor screens for the church: 

These include all digital screen displays popularly used inside the church environment.

Wall Mounted Screens for churches

For churches with large sanctuaries, wall-mounted projector screens are ideal. 

These screens are fixed to the wall providing a long-lasting projection surface for displaying hymns so members can follow along with a live video of the pastor speaking, etc.

Tripod Screens for churches

As the name implies, a tripod screen comes with a simple setup and a break-down tripod stand. 

The flexibility that tripod projector church screens provide at a very affordable price makes them especially appealing to smaller churches in Uyo. 

With their powerful visuals, they are best used to engage children at the Sunday school session of churches.

Floor Standing Projector Screens

Floor standing projector screens are just amazing for their versatility. 

They’re easy to move around and set to different positions compared to the tripod screens and fixed wall screens.



For churches, outdoor projector screens are a great investment.

These are digital screens that are used by churches to broadcast events outside their buildings.



When it comes to retractable screens for churches you have two options.

Manual screens that you pull down by hand and electric projector screens that use a motor to ascend and descend with the press of a button. 



The best place to buy church screens in Uyo is from experts who specialize in led signage and digital screens.

Churches and other spaces of worship often require specific features and sizes for their projection needs

The projector screen size for your church depends on a number of factors like How big is your space? What are you using the screen for? Where are people sitting?

Larger churches will require larger digital screens.

As a precaution, churches would be wise to install multiple LED screens so that if any issues arise on one screen, the church can continue its services with the other screens instead of having to rely on one large screen. 

WITH A COMPANY who specializes in production and hiring of digital display of all types, you’re able to get one on one service to help you find the best church screen for your community.

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Religious organizations are no different from everyone else in that they strive to save money wherever they can. 

The same is true for screens. 

Choosing a church screen on a budget might seem appealing, but these inexpensive screens aren’t the best deal around!

If your chapel screen isn’t well-made, your congregants will be unable to enjoy their interaction with the chapel due to poor picture quality.

As LED screens are exponentially priced according to their size, you will have to pay more if you need a bigger screen with a higher gain and a wider viewing angle. 

With a smaller screen, you will be able to spend less on a Sunday school classroom screen.

For the best service purpose, we recommend you CONTACT US so that we’ll guide you to the most cost-effective options that will suit your needs perfectly. 



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